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Aesthetic Surgery

Erik Ang Plastic Surgery

Facial Enhancement

Whether it is to create an absent double eyelid, or to improve the shape and projection of the nose, or to correct bat ears, often a minor surgical procedure to change a facial feature here and there in will produce a long-lasting enhancement that is subtle and natural looking.

Most facial enhancement procedures can be done with local anaesthesia on a day surgery basis, sometimes with the help of sedation administered by a qualified Anaesthetist. As with all surgical procedures however, there will be a certain number of days off work because of swelling, bruising and the presence of raw wounds.

Breast Enhancement

Breast enhancement may be in the form of increasing the size, decreasing the size or uplifting them.

Surgical placement of implants remains the most reliable, safest and most predictable way to increase your bust line. You may have had reasonable sized breasts, but may now have shrunk after breast-feeding; or you may be flat-chested all along. Whichever way, Dr Ang strives to create natural looking breasts, with a modest increase in brassiere size. Meticulous surgical technique ensures that short and long term side effects are really minimized.

Sometimes patients have breasts that are, well, simply too large and heavy, and they interfere with activities of normal living. Sculpturing off extra breast tissue enables instant relief from some of these complaints.

Saggy breasts may occur either naturally or following child-birth and breast feeding. Breast lifting can be done either by use of breast implants or by breast pocket tightening procedures depending on the individual.

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