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Reconstructive Surgery

Erik Ang Plastic Surgery


Reconstruction following

Breast Reconstruction

The incidence of breast cancer is rising; increasingly younger women are affected. With early diagnosis and early expert treatment coupled with the employment of state-of-the-art adjuvant therapy, long-term survival from breast cancer is possible.

Mastectomy, or breast removal surgery, remains the mainstay of treatment for the majority of breast cancer. Immediate and simultaneous breast reconstruction restores the breast following mastectomy. This single-stage procedure allows the patient to recover from surgery without the feeling of losing a part of her body.

Reconstruction definitely enhances the quality of life in many patients. It is additional surgery and cost up-front, but in the long run, it more than worth it because a very intimate and essential part of the body is restored. 

Face Reconstruction

Different agents may afflict the beauty in your face. Common causes include

  • Scalds and burns

  • Bicycling injuries

  • Altercation injuries

  • Infection 

  • Skin cancers

It matters to the healing process how the injured tissues are cared for in the first place. It matters to the overall recovery process and the eventual looks. Most of the time, once the injury is suffered, the scars are permanent. Having a Plastic Surgeon deal with the injuries and wounds will help to minimise and conceal the scars, with meticulous surgical technique, gentle tissue handling and careful wound closure.

If you should unfortunately sustain facial injuries, please head for the nearest hospital's emergency room for an assessment by the emergency room physician and request for a qualified Plastic Surgeon's services for the best results. 

With long-term sun exposure, there is the increased risk of skin cancers. Most skin cancers show themselves as moles and skin growths that have recently increased in size, changed in colour, or started bleeding. Removal of skin cancers need to be done carefully in order to ensure that vital facial structures are preserved as much as possible whilst getting rid of the cancer cells totally.

Reconstructive surgery of the face includes reducing and fixing fractures, repairing cut nerves and restoring soft tissue components. More complex defects like those following extirpative surgery for cancer may require tissue transplantation using microsurgery techniques. 

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